Research and Development

Research and Development 

The Research and Development Department of the NCAF performs a variety of services for the organization, including developing new funding measures, forward-looking policies, and working toward the establishment of a think tank. In the main, the unit works on these areas:

Organizational development and policy drafting
Plan out short-, medium-, and long-term policy goals for the NCAF in line with its statutory purposes, and work within the bounds of current cultural policy, legal amendments, the social environment, and trends in culture/the arts to revise the organization’s direction and approaches.

Surveys on culture/the arts and research on funding policy
Analyze funding cases, determine the real-time needs of the culture/art world, and grasp trends forming among national cultural agencies and art/culture funding systems worldwide to determine how to improve the domestic funding system and craft a more effective funding policy.

Strategies that will enliven the cultural environment
The NCAF supports a forward-looking artistic environment by developing innovative, effective programs that build value based on an analysis of trends, and by constructing a comprehensive support system for the development of culture and the arts. These efforts include helping culture workers form social enterprises, and helping corporations employ cultural creativity to improve their competitiveness and create new value in conjunction with those in the cultural sphere.

Research and development for the NCAF involves collaboration among government, industry, and academia. The collective efforts of government departments, academics, private organizations, artists, and cultural workers have paid off in a myriad of achievements. These include many successfully funded cases, as well as theme and survey research projects. Other examples include innovative partnerships between Taiwan’s modern artists, corporations, and cultural creators and between Taiwan’s modern artists and corporations or social groups, as well as research and reporting on the state of affairs of culture and the arts and trends shaping them. This accumulated knowledge has resulted in the formulation of innovative strategies that serve the sustained operation of the NCAF. It is also beneficial to the NCAF in its work to distribute grants and publish research results, and helps nurture development of culture and the arts.