Resource Development

Resource Development

The NCAF takes a twofold approach to developing new sources of funding through corporate sponsorship. These aim to increase society’s support for artists, while ensuring sufficient resources to support the arts.

I.  Arts and Business Partnerships

The NCAF acts as a matchmaker bringing the resources of the private sector together with the creativity of Taiwan’s talented artists. Since 2003, it has employed targeted donations as its major fundraising tactic. The NCAF first brainstorms projects, then holds auditions for artists interested in participating in them, and seeks corporate sponsorship of them. The Friends of NCAF program has broadened the corporate funding base, and means that those in the arts world enjoy better service, and a number of projects have been carried off successfully under this framework.

Friends of NCAF
Established in February 2004, the Friends of NCAF program encourages professional communication and matching corporate resources with artistic ventures. Creative partnerships are then established based on both parties’ needs. In February 2013, Friends of the NCAF in Central Taiwan was established to better coordinate cooperation with enterprises in that region.

The NCAF moreover holds a variety of regular activities that allow Friends of the NCAF to experience art firsthand. Among these are symposia and luncheons where partnership opportunities are explored.

Targeted donations
The NCAF drafts grants for all manner of performing and visual art. Some cover production costs, including Projects include the Pursuit of Excellence in Performing Arts, Novel Writing and Publishing, Production Grants to Independent Curators in Visual Arts, Taiwanese Opera Production and Presentation, Glove Puppetry Production and Presentation; some focus on promoting completed works, such as Pop Up; others cultivate artist potential, such as the Curator’s Incubator Program at Museums, and the Overseas Arts Travel; while still others involve garnering in-kind support from the private sector, such as Learning through Arts—Arts Education and the Tung Ho Steel Artists in Residence Program.

NCAF Co-branded Credit Card
The NCAF has teamed up with Taihsin International Bank to offer customers a co-branded card. For every transaction made with the card, 0.2 percent of the purchase price goes to the NCAF, which uses it to increase the grants it makes to arts/cultural groups. Cardholders, meanwhile, enjoy discounts on tickets to performances by a number of art/cultural groups.

II.  Art News
The NCAF publishes information on its policies and services on the Web and other media, while also publicizing the work of artists around the country.

NCAF Website
On the NCAF website, the organization posts information related to its services and accomplishments. The website is also the interface for groups to apply for grants. Here, the arts community can also post their performance schedules and personnel want ads. The NCAF also utilizes Youtube, Facebook and other social media to broadcast messages to the largest audience possible.

NCAF e-Magazine
The Friends of NCAF sponsors publication of the e-magazine “NCAF Online,” whose first publication was in July 2012. Cover stories are tied to the current activities of the NCAF, and features include “Meeting of Creative Stars,” “Recommended,” “Checking In Overseas,” “Journey with the Arts,” “Corporate-Arts Partnerships,” “Spotlight On…,” and “International Hotspots.” The NCAF Report, meanwhile, covers the organization’s activities.

Art and Business Website
The Friends of the NCAF sponsored the establishment of the Art and Business website. The site is an online platform for information about corporate partnerships with the arts, which is shared through feature stories, columns, and a database. In-depth reportage and analysis shines light on trends affecting partnerships.