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ARTWAVE TPAM Fringe  Southern Clairaudience by WANG Hong-Kai

Launched by the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF), ARTWAVE -Taiwan International Arts Network will be led by Chairperson LIN Mun-Lee to attend the most representative Asian contemporary performing arts event and platform, Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama (TPAM), from February 12 to 15. ARTWAVE will present duo curatorial projects by Taiwanese curator YAO Lee-Chun and New York-based Japanese curator Aki ONDA to show four works respectively by approaching theatre, Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre, LIN Chi-Wei and WANG Hong-Kai. Various activities, including ARTWAVE Taiwan Reception, talks and workshops, will also take place to provide an opportunity for the international and Japanese audiences to experience the vibrant creativity of Taiwan's performing arts within the period of four days. 

ARTWAVE focuses on the present state of Taiwan's contemporary art scene and continues in facilitating international connection and development for Taiwanese artists and their works. While actively seeking collaborations with intermediary cultural organizations, prestigious art festivals and international exhibitions, ARTWAVE also proposes initiatives and topics of common interests for further discussion and exploration to increase exchange and collaboration between artists and other art professionals, hoping to gradually evolve into an important interface for the international art community to gain insights into Taiwan's contemporary art scene. It is because of such objectives that TPAM, which has foregrounded transdisciplinary experiment and cultural dialogue for years, is a crucial partner in the field of performing arts for ARTWAVE to connect. 

The curatorial emphasis of ARTWAVE this time is the duo curatorial projects by YAO Lee-Chun and Aki ONDA. After a preliminary meeting and discussion with TPAM's director, Hiromi MARUOKA, and Onda's research trips to Taiwan in 2018, ARTWAVE decided to demonstrate our ambition in facilitating in-depth exchange and collaboration between Taiwanese and international art professionals by presenting the transnational duo curatorial projects. It is hoped that the dissimilar curatorial perspectives would reveal the diverse aspects of Taiwan's performing arts unfolded through the works of Taiwanese emerging and mid-career artists.

Spectrums (島嶼熱望/複数の連続体), curated by YAO Lee-Chun, showcases the works by two emerging female artists from Taiwan: The Sewing of Time by CHENG Yin-Cheng and approaching theatre and Khing by LIN I-Chin and Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre. In The Sewing of Time, Cheng employs the musical structure of “beginning, break, rapid” that is characteristic of the Nanguan music and develops improvised interaction between Nanguan and sound art. Lin's dance piece, Khing, draws inspiration from the Taiwanese folk funeral parade ceremony, known as “khan-bông kua-tīn,” and converts the ritualistic musicality and physical rhythm into a unique dance of “repetition” and “action.” For the curator, emerging and mid-career artists in Taiwan aspire to learn more of the island's culture in the cultural landscape and context of globalization. The two artists have been active in excavating and exploring the historical context of performing arts to develop new artistic languages. The works of Cheng and Lin have demonstrated that artists are able to serve as the “translator” for hidden metaphors created hundreds or thousands of years ago. Their works take on the challenge of integration, identity and transcending boundaries, and transport viewers/listeners into a space of creativity in the theatrical realm.

New York-based artist and curator, Aki ONDA, is invited to curate TPAM Direction this year. For the curatorial project of ARTWAVE, Onda conducts two research trips to Taiwan, during which he observes that Taiwan's thriving experimental art scene has its root in the 90s. For the curator, the rise of this culture and its continual development is intricately connected to the ways of the land, its histories and local folkways. His curatorial project adopts the theme, Recalling Voices (喚回音聲/声を呼び覚ます). The two artists he invites, LIN Chi-Wei and WANG Hong-Kai, share surprising similarities in their interest in history, folk culture and participatory forms of creation. Moreover, they are both fond of examining the role of group dynamics and connectivity in the context of sound poetry and improvisation. Onda's curatorial project features Lin's Tape Music and Wang's Southern Clairaudience. Through the artists’ unique approaches and the performances collectively shaped by the participants, their works have explored the infinite possibilities of sound while recalling the collective memories of the past. 

In addition to the performances featured by the curatorial projects, ARTWAVE will also organize ARTWAVE Taiwan Reception for Taiwan's institutions, performing arts groups and international professionals at TPAM to prompt exchange and interaction for furthering connections through the tea party. Meanwhile, ARTWAVE will organize talks and workshops based on the curatorial themes on February 12 and 14 to provide international audiences an opportunity to closely experience Taiwanese contemporary performing arts and understand its development.

ARTWAVE TPAM Fringe  Khing by LIN I-Chin

ARTWAVE TPAM Fringe The Sewing of Time by CHENG Yin-Cheng

ARTWAVE TPAM Fringe Tape Music by LIN Chi-Wei


Recalling Voices(喚回音聲/ 声を呼び覚ます)

Curator:Aki ONDA
Works:LIN Chi-Wei <Tape Music>,  WANG Hong-Kai <Southern Clairaudience>
Time:2/13 17:30、20:30
Venue:Kosha 33 (33 Nihon-odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 233-0021)

The Spectrums(島嶼熱望/ 複数の連続体)

Curator:YAO Lee-Chun
Works:Approaching Theatre|CHENG Yin-Chen <The Sewing of Time> 、Bare Feet Theater|LIN I-Chin <Khing>
Time:2/14 18:00、2/15 16:00
Venue:Kenmin Kyosai MIRAI HALL(1-1-8-2 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0062)


ARTWAVE|Artwave Taiwan Reception
Time:2/12 17:00-17:40
Venue:Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room 6

ARTWAVE Talk|The Songs
Hosts:YAO Lee-Chun (Curator, ARTWAVE), CHENG I-Chen (Artist), LIN I-Chin (Artist), WANG Hong-Kai (Artist)
Time:2/12 15:00-15:40
Venue:Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room 9

ARTWAVE Talk|Now and here, how we sing a Nanguan song
Host:CHENG Yin-Chen (Artist, TPAM Fringe ARTWAVE program, The Spectrums - The Sewing of Time)
Time:2/14 10:00-10:40
Venue:Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room 6

ARTWAVE Workshop|The body momentum driven by mother tongues
Host:LIN I-Chin (Artist, TPAM Fringe ARTWAVE program|The Spectrums - Khing)
Time:2/14 11:00-11:40
Venue:Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room 6

ARTWAVE Talk|A different landscape of presenting and networking
Host:Wen HUANG (Project Manager, ARTWAVE Taiwan), Yi-Kai KAO (Project Development, ARTWAVE Taiwan)
Time:2/14 14:00-14:40
Venue:Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room7


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