Due to the impact of Covid-19, the“Inclusive Arts Project” provide applicants more time for your applications. The application dates and deadlines is October 1 to 15 this year. Since 2017, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) has set the tone for its overall objective with “Arts to Everyone”, and at the end of the same year, entered an MOU with the British Council, of which one of the focuses is to collaborate in developing inclusive arts-related projects. The first project that the NCAF has organised is the “Inclusive Arts Project” launched in 2018, which encourages art groups and artists to develop inclusive arts and explore issues related to senior citizens while supporting professional arts and cultural programs and service projects engaging the senior community. In addition to “Domestic Project”, the NCAF collaborates with the British Council expand the project’s outreach, with an emphasis on sharing the experience, increasing exchange and production of international inclusive arts, by adding the category of “International Project—Taiwan-UK Collaboration” in 2019. This specific project will be supported by the British Council and the NCAF for the purpose of expanding the benefits of developing inclusive arts through experience sharing and global connection. 

Submission Period: October 1 to 15, 2020

【Inclusive Arts Grant Guidelines】

【Online Application】

*The system is only available in Chinese. “International Project—Taiwan-UK Collaboration” only accepts submissions from Taiwanese artists and art groups (please see submission guidelines for eligibility). UK artists, art groups or organisations in collaboration with their Taiwanese partners in are required to provide a brief introduction and a letter of intent.